+ exploration/physics puzzle | 1 player | admission project | Enjmin| XBLA/PSN/Steam +

Subject : Ionisation by Edgar Varèse

Aloïs is a 2D adventure/exploration game in wich the protagonists have become aware of their status as video game characters. But this event has also a side-effect : the beautiful Aloïs seems suffering from a strange disease : she loses her emotions!

The player, playing his own role, will have to help her finding the various emotions in this virtual world. His only tools for helping her are his emotions, and not an avatar! By interacting with the environment (ie: the wrath breaks objects) or modifying the mood of the people, he will discover a world in a conscience crisis, meet endearing characters like Ego, the former tormented hero, and travel through the inner-workings of the virtual world!